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On-Premise Dryers

Our extensive offering of drying tumblers varies from small-capacity open-pocket dryers to high-volume vacuum-loading models.

At Taylor Houseman, we work closely with you to properly select, size and install equipment.

Single-pocket Dryers

25- to 175-pound capacities

Prevent over drying and match productivity to a variety of tumbler capacities. Highly efficient and offering a quick dry.

Pro-Series II
  • High in quality, and easy-to-use controls are just a few of the many features that increase laundry production and energy-efficiency.

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Stack Dryers

30- and 45-pound capacity dual-pocket stack

Get more drying capacity within a small footprint with durable, high-performance stack dryers.

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Light Commercial Dryers

Offering on-premise laundries double drying capacity while occupying half the space, dryer maximizes space and productivity.

  • Easy to use, and very efficient, the E-Series dryers are a great selection for any on-premise laundry with small load requirements.

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  • Econ-O-Dry commercial dryers allow larger loads of laundry and provides maximum performance while lowering utilities.

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Fire Departments:
ExpressDry Gear Dryers
  • ExpressDry Gear Dryers are NFPA compliant and engineered to safely dry personal protective equipment. They work by blowing high-pressure ambient air safely through turnout gear, facemasks, gloves, boots and gloves. They don’t harm protective fabrics and return gear to service sooner.

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ExpressDry Special Ops Gear Dryer
  • With additional features for quickly drying special ops equipment and gear, this dryer features four invertible stickmen drying stations and 12 utility drying ports. The dryer safely dries protective gear and equipment used in switf water, fire, ice and dive rescues. An opitonal boot tree will dry up to four pairs of boots in just an hour.

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