Taylor Houseman – Setting the Standard for Excellence

On-Premise Laundry

Taylor Houseman works closely with industrial and on-premise laundries to make them more efficient and productive, using less energy and labor.

Highly experienced, our team understands every critical aspect of on-premise/industrial laundry development, equipment sizing, renovation and improvement.

Throughout Northern California, we regularly serve a variety of on-premise laundries, including those at vet clinics, resorts/hotels, hospitals, athletic clubs, architectural firms, car washes, drycleaners, nursing homes, salons, spas and fire departments. We also cater to the special production and efficiency requirements of industrial and large commercial laundry operations.

On every project, we deliver quality equipment, installation, preventative maintenance, repair services, replacement parts and unrivaled customer care. Please call us today for a free laundry analysis!