Taylor Houseman – Setting the Standard for Excellence

On-Premise Finishing Systems

Taylor Houseman offers a complete line-up of durable and productive feeders, ironers, folders and stackers to meet the needs of medium- and high-volume laundries.


650-5,600 items/hr.

Girbau Industrial (GI) manual and automatic feeders quickly feed a variety of items into corresponding ironers. They work seamlessly with any ironer on the market, and improve ironing productivity and results.
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Ironing Systems

Up to 164 ft./min.
8-, 13-, 20-, 32- & 48-inch diameter rolls
55- to 138-inch finishing widths

Heated chest and heated roll flatwork ironers deliver superior results. Solid programmability and durability ensure the flexibility to iron a variety of items now and into the future. Some models offer ironing straight from the washer without dryer conditioning, which improves laundry productivity and efficiency.
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Drywork Folders

Small- to large-scale items (towels, blankets and garments)

A variety of drywork folders are available to accomplish a variety of needs. The Girbau Industrial (GI) FT-Maxi Folder automatically sorts, folds and stacks. It eliminates pre-sorting for unrivaled productivity. The GI FT-Poly is a multi-sort towel and garment folder. The GI FT-Vest is a two-way feed, multi-sort towel and garment folder; and the GI FS-Lite is a single-lane small-piece folder. All are backed by a solid manufacturer’s warranty.
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Flatwork Folders

Small- to large-scale items (napkins, tablecloths, pillowcases, sheets, duvets)

Quickly fold a variety of items. The Girbau Industrial (GI) PL-MULT Folder is a multi-lane machine used for folding napkins, aprons and pillowcases. The GI FL-King Folder tackles large items and delivers up to three primary folds and three cross folds. The GI FL-Smart automatically folds a variety of items – from small to large.

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Small- to large-scale items

Each stacker model is used to accomplish a specific stacking job. Some are designed to work with specific folders only.

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All-in-one Systems

Small- to large-scale items

24-, 30-, 32-, 36-, 48-inch diameters & 102-, 120-, 130- 132- and 136-inch finishing widths

The Girbau Industrial Compact 5-in-One offers a compact design and superior flexibility. It automatically feeds, irons, folds, stacks and accumulates a variety of items using up to four lanes. It touts processing speeds up to 82 ft/min. The Sharper Finish EFC dries, irons, single lane folds and stacks a variety of items, including round tablecloths. High-volume models process up to 100 ft/min.

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